Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ready to Hardrock and Roll

It appears that we are ready for tomorrow morning's race start! Drop bags are dropped, maps are prepped, crew stuff is in the truck, we have eaten a pasta dinner (courtesy of Joyce Prusaitis - thanks Joyce!), and John is in bed.

Hopefully the Hardrock website will have decent updates throughout the weekend:

I will also attempt to post a couple blog notes from Telluride and Ouray, but may not have web access beyond there until the end of the race. We shall see.

This morning while John was prepping drop bags I went for a nice hike up Kendall Mountain #2 overlooking Silverton.

Here is Silverton from above, and if you look real closely you might see a marmot on a rock:

Another closer shot of southern Silverton, with the marmot sunning himself:

Howie and Tug (and John) are in the RV park on the lower left:

Mr. Marmot was kind enough to pose for several close-ups!

Some scenery:

I met Betsy Nye's father coming up a more difficult route than the jeep road I used:

John was on time for the race briefing, while I got down from the mountain a tad late:

Race briefing goings-on:

Drop bags!

John is full of confidence:

This HRH group is SO organized - I could SO work for them:

Joe Prusaitis giving his own (much funnier) race briefing and route preview:

Good luck John and Joe and all HRH runners!

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