Monday, September 29, 2008

Loss of a friend

We are extremely saddened by the recent death of Dave Boyd. He was a doctor, adventure racer, mountain biker, and genuinely kind, caring, giving person. He fell while climbing in Colorado, and while he had a GPS device with emergency signaling, help could not get to him fast enough to save him. I have been thinking about him every day since we found out.

And I have been very much wanting to find his teammates from MOAT and hug them. I have a very hard time trying to imagine the loss of a teammate, so much so that I have to stop thinking about it. I am deeply sorry for their loss.

We are lucky to have had the chance to get to know Dave over the past year. He always took a genuine interest in our endeavors and wanted to know more. Although he was an incredible athlete and one of the best adventure racers Texas may ever see, you would not know it to talk with him. He was humble and friendly and made you feel good about yourself. I admire him greatly.

With apologies to Adventure World Magazine, here is a collection of photos of Dave and Team MOAT (#35) from Primal Quest 2008 from the online magazine and our camera:

Dave, we cannot believe you are gone.
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