Wednesday, December 10, 2008

GTA race report - the early days

Well, I'm closing in on completing this puppy. As usual, writing/publishing the report takes longer than the race itself - in this case, about 6 times as long. I should start collecting stats to get an average "report time to race time" ratio for the various races we do :)

For those who wish to get a jump-start on this very-thrilling (not really) reading, or who are desperate for something to assist with their insomnia (can you tell I've been listening to a lot of Car Talk lately?), check out:

My main GTA report page

Like last time, the photos are the real value.

The "Next Day" link at the bottom of each day will work except where the following day's page has not yet been posted.

For anyone wanting to wait and read it all at once (??), I'll post a "report complete!" note on the blog when it's ready for you.

Happy scrolling!
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