Saturday, January 17, 2009

DC sights

It was a cold day, apparently even by DC standards. We bundled up and walked around the city.

John briefly thought about taking a bike, but decided we'd be warmer if we went on foot :)

Gandhi agreed.

We spent a lovely morning and afternoon at the National Geographic Society whale and bird exhibits, then the Phillips Museum (not large but with a wonderful collection).

We also found a bunch of public artwork, some of it pretty special:

Nothing to see at the NPR building, too bad:
We spent a couple hours at the National Portrait Gallery, which is right up our alley but also huge. We will certainly go back there sometime.

MSNBC was broadcasting on the Mall, we got to watch from the outside of their temporary booth. Neat!
Tomorrow we're going to a brunch and then perhaps we'll check out the free concert at the Lincoln Memorial (live on HBO!).

This is just too cool.


Kipley Fiebig said...

During the inauguration, make sure you guys wave, so that we can pick you out of the crowd on TV!


David said...

uh, they may be hard to see.... maybe when they wave they can do it with their left hand, that should make it easier to see them.