Monday, July 13, 2009

Trail work day #2

A group of aspiring HRH runners came out for the second day of trail marking. We caught a ride in a 4WD truck up and over Engineer Pass - not my favorite part of the day, but we made it without falling over the side.

Today's work involved carrying a bunch of poles, digging holes, and creating trail markers. Most of us carried one pole for a couple miles; some managed two of them - wow!

Go Team V!

Jeff trying to urge rocks out of the ground:

Beautiful scenery:

A proud crew and one of the many poles we planted:

A flat tire on the truck gave me the chance to run ahead down Engineer Pass ahead of the group - much more enjoyable! And I got to see another part of the HRH course, always a plus. Done with the hard work, now to focus on our aid station and the race...
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