Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Santa Fe days

We're in Santa Fe with our friends Kathy and Bob for a week - what fun! They decided on a whim to come travel with us on their way to Las Vegas, and we're really glad they did.

The theme of this post is "Public Art in Santa Fe".

This may or may not fit your definition of art, but it made us laugh:

Back to school:

We interrupt this Public Art broadcast for a group bongo drum lesson at the Santa Fe 400-year anniversary festival - fun!!

OK, back to the "weird" stuff:

Fish stick (tm Kathy) - actually in Los Alamos:

Seret and Sons warehouse - amazing (and huge) set of intricate and interesting doors, walls, columns, facades, and other random salvaged stuff from all over the world - John and Bob might have stayed all day if we hadn't pulled them away:

Burro mural on the wall... (tm me and Bob)

Typical Santa Fe adobe (this one happens to be the Santa Fe Art Museum):

An awesome meal with friends!

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