Sunday, May 23, 2010

Start of the summer

Howie is no longer in Texas...

We departed Austin a couple of weeks ago on our way to the East Texas farm:

Dave drove up to collect us and our gear for the long drive to Georgia for the Atomic race (report coming soon). John snapped a couple of pre-race photos, including Harvey checking out our bikes:

Me and Dave trying to figure out the various maps to plot stage 1:

After the race, we went back to Texas (bye Dave!), picked up Howie, and started west. First stop was Caprock Canyons State Park for a couple of nights. We did a bike ride and short hike in the park. Beautiful scenery:

Harvey needs to learn not to endo into cactus patches - ouch!

Nice little hike up to a scenic overlook:

We biked back via a horse trail along a creek, which turned out to be good training for riding in sand and through puddles. Along the way John spotted a horny toad - cool! It was kind enough to hold still for a photo:

From there we drove uphill to New Mexico to park in Los Alamos for the weekend. More about the Jemez trail races in another post...
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