Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trip to Aspen

We took a nice drive around to Aspen, via Eagle to visit some good friends. Heading toward Glenwood Springs, we noticed the Colorado River is rockin'!

Many rivers around here are in flood stage (lots of snow melt pouring down from the hills). A couple rafting companies are still taking trips, although starting lower than normal - and lower than the above photo. This raft put in here, moved slowly past the eddy line and then shot on down the river at high speed:

It's a beautiful stretch of I-70 with high cliffs along the sides:

High river - nearing the railroad tracks, actually (and you can see my reflection in both mirrors):

We stopped by Solar Energy International in Carbondale, and noticed a lot of solar panels in the town:

Around to Aspen to walk around town and check out the public art:

Is this the proper reaction when you meet a bear?

We climbed up the Ute Trail for a great view of the town:

Running back down:

Aspen trees on the way up to Independence Pass:

Looking back toward the way we came, almost to the pass:

We stopped at the top for a (cold) look around. Looks like the tundra isn't the only thing that's fragile around here:

Not quite sure how we're supposed to stay on THIS trail:

A view toward the east:

Looking back toward the parking area:

Mountain man:

And finally, a pretty view of Twin Lakes and the area of Hope Pass (from the Leadville 100 race):

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