Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend long run

Yesterday sported (comparatively) beautiful weather in the Albany area, so I went out for a long run along the Hudson River. I took my camera to capture a few shots, although most of these won't mean much to anyone except in a few cases.

For example, this one reminds me of our paddle during Desert Winds because of the (hard to see) green warning light (not so much the water temperature):

An interesting sign near the river in Albany:

No swimming today:

I can't resist photos of unexpected artwork:

This one is for John - again hard to see, and I don't really have an excuse this time for why I didn't just get closer to take the picture. And also, what are the panels powering, the giant powerline pole?

The Hudson and the sun trying to come out:

A great bike path along the river:

For Kathy:

The Approach:

Not quite as high as I remembered (well, this was before we started climbing Rocky Mountains):

This is new:

Our sledding hill behind the library (not pictured is the fence and busy road at the bottom):

The new building helps make Troy look better...?

The computer center where we prayed our coding was right and the printouts would come out quickly:

The Physics building:

The Armory:

"One word changes everything" - OK, but what word is it?

Nason Hall :)

The site of many fun evenings watching Big Red kick big butt:

The site of our Hockey Line stand:

Archway to campus:

Our one piece of modern art:

Heading back down:

For Mom:

This one makes me laugh:

The Egg at Empire Plaza near my apartment:

Fun run! Hoping for a couple more of these before we get too snow-covered...

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