Monday, April 4, 2011

Photography workshops

Vermont is lucky to have Bryan Pfeiffer: Birder, photographer, guide, dragonfly expert, and awesome teacher. I was lucky to attend his weekend photography workshops and I got to see my parents. An excellent weekend all around.

Saturday involved learning photography fundamentals and how to make your digital camera do things you never knew it was capable of (even my little travel/race PowerShot). Here is Bryan talking about ISO while using his laser pointer in a more normal fashion than usual, i.e. instead of pointing out birds up in the canopy:

Playing with depth of focus (and now salivating over the memory of a chocolate chip cookie):

Different levels of exposure:

Playing with the Macro mode:

A Photoshopped low-res picture of a photo on a projector screen...

Some notes, including the Exposure Triangle (very helpful):

Sunday was all about Photoshop Elements and the neat ways you can get the most out of the photos you have taken. It was at the beginner level but I certainly got a lot out of it. Again, a fun class with an excellent teacher.

A few "Pre" and "Post" pics, all from my 2010 Travel Series:

I highly recommend Bryan's birding trips and workshops!

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