Thursday, July 28, 2011

Antero Attempt

Many years ago, John climbed partway up Mount Antero, but didn't get to the top because he was with a guy who wasn't quite ready for such a long hike at altitude. Antero was one option on my list of several options around Buena Vista, and John was partial to it, so away we went. We kept saying we would get up early and start when we were supposed to, but we had not accomplished that yet. This morning was no different.

The weather looked OK when starting out, just a few clouds. On the road toward more road up many switchbacks:

Higher up, it was clear that some kind of weather was moving in.

We made it to 13,800 feet but did not push for the summit because of dark clouds fast approaching. Turning around, we ran downhill and dropped quickly away. We were a good bit lower when the hail started, but nowhere near the shelter of trees yet. I didn't know it then, but this turned out to be really good practice for Hardrock (and this is as close a shot of the peak as we got):

Then the sun came out! Should we go back up, John asked? No way! We'll just have to try again another year - maybe John's 3rd time will be a charm.

Then more thunder, more clouds. About a mile from the truck it started pouring. Ugh. We ran down the hill in soaking wet shoes. It was a good test of my rain jacket for the race (it passed, so that was nice).

We headed to Bongo Billy's where we sat on the porch, drank warm drinks, and watched storm cloud after storm cloud roll across the mountains and through town - crazy weather day:

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