Sunday, January 1, 2012


Seems like a New Years-y thing to do...

Favorite races of 2011:
1. Hardrock!
2. Great Urban Race New Orleans
3. Don't Run Boston
4. Massanutten
5. CNYO Re-gaine
6. Frigid Infliction
7. Pisgah 50k
8. Snowshoe marathon
9. Escarpment 30k
10. West Point orienteering weekend

Fun travel in 2011:
1. Colorado with friends and family
2. ADK's and VT hiking with Mom and Dad
3. GUR Philly and the Solar Decathlon with Kathy and Bob
4. Boston with Sheila and Jeff and Elaine and Co.
5. Beard parent visit and Norman Rockwell
6. Seeing Mom and Dad way more than usual
7. Seeing Kathy Bob way more than usual too

Favorite workout locales of 2011:
1. 14ers in Colorado
2. Climbing in the Catskills
3. Pine Bush running
4. Thacher Park
5. New York City bikeways
6. UA campus and track

Excellent new gear in 2011:
1. Dion snowshoes
2. Mountain Laurel overmitts
3. Thick wool socks
(yeah, it's all about adapting to winter so I can keep training during the next several months...)

Top 2012 racing plans:
1. Vermont 100
2. Urban racing
3. Marathons
4. XC ski races

Happy New Year, y'all!

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