Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just a regular weekend

I'm in such a habit of doing a blog post every week, why stop now?  We stayed in Albany for the first weekend in a while.  Just a weekend to regroup, get things done, finish up my training for Untamed New England, now I'm ready to hit that final "to do" list.

Yesterday we did an O-meet with the EMPO club at Tawasentha Park - what fun!  It was an awesome course, up and down the muddy hills, through ravines, across the creek (John forded it, I went around on the bridge, he kicked my butt on that leg along with most of the others).  Love the short and fast orienteering.

Today I went riding with my full race pack up the hills to Thacher SP.  My legs handled the extra weight just fine but my shoulders were unexcited about spending hours like that.  Good motivation to keep eating and drinking during the race to make my pack lighter...  John and I did a bit of remote urban race support (go Tom and Spencer!).  Then finished up with a good paddle on the Hudson.  Happily my shoulders are OK with kayaking by now.

I need to do a bit more thinking about what to wear for wet paddling/pack rafting and what to have along to change into to stay warm afterward.  So far this spring has been briefly hot but now we're back to wet and rather chilly.  Could be interesting in Maine in a couple weeks...

So that's it for now, thanks for reading  :)

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