Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's a Happy New Year :)

Finally, 47 days after getting my jaws wired shut, and 22 days after the front wires came off, I was SO ready to be rid of the hardware completely.  I had gradually figured out how to chew a little, working around the wires on the roof of my mouth and not opening too wide to keep from rubbing the inside of my cheek in the back too much.  A bit of polenta, some mashed potatoes and gravy, soups that no longer needed to be blended.  Life was certainly better than during the liquid diet phase.

But I was ready to move on.

The morning of surgery - let's do this thing:

After some light anesthesia and half an hour of work by the doctor, I was free!

Then I spent 3+ days dealing with a nasty cough and sinus infection.  Ah well, at least it happened after the surgery (and actually - that was close!).  I am enjoying not having to deal with anything rubbing inside my mouth, nothing getting in the way of eating or talking.  My gums are recovering quickly.  So much better.

I'm still eating soft foods, but at least what I'm doing can now actually be considered "eating".  Bananas, avocados, scrambled eggs, rice, breaded haddock.  Awesome.  The highlight so far is corn muffin pancakes with maple syrup, courtesy of John.  Doctor's orders are to start with soft foods and work up, as tolerated.  The limiter seems to be jaw strength so I'll have to practice to build up some conditioning.  Sounds like fun!

I'm looking forward to feeling well enough to walk around Trader Joe's and see what inspires me next  :)

Happy New Year, everyone!

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