Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Marathon - ?

Last weekend the HMRRC club put on their annual Winter Marathon event around the university and state office campuses.  John and I are still building up our mileage numbers, so we didn't commit to finishing the whole thing.  When the day turned out cold and ridiculously windy, that sealed the decision to run the miles we wanted and then stop.

My legs are doing better (and my jaw is doing great - pretty much all healed!) and I was happy to finish with just over 20 miles at an even pace.  And then go inside and drink soup to warm up.  Brrr!

At the start, wondering what we were thinking:

 John might be trying to keep a side wind off his face here:

Me in the background:

 John Geesler (on the left), an ultra-running great:

So far, so good John!

Now this is just crazy.  I'm talking about the one in the middle, if you didn't figure that out already:

I'm smiling because I'm almost done with my "fun run"!

Now this is the proper way to spend a winter weekend - in California  :)  Mom and Dad visited Kip and he took them to Muir Woods to see some big trees:

And more Redwoods at Big Basin with some friends - looks fabulous!

 All in all, a satisfying weekend on both sides of the country.
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