Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunny weekend in Vermont

We picked an excellent weekend to visit Mom and Dad in sunny Vermont!  What a nice change from the recent dreary days, and on a weekend no less.  We drove up to Bolton Valley for some snow sports in the hills.

I was happy for one last chance to cross-country ski.  Mom and John did some snowshoeing.  The blue sky and warmer temperatures were awesome.

I found a checkpoint from the previous weekend's Frigid Infliction race  :)  (a race we missed for the Snowgaine this year).

Happy camper:

I made it up to the ridge and the Long Trail and got a photo of a couple signs that Dad had made:

John and I found a couple neat snow sculptures, including a snow bench.  Looks like John could sleep here, although maybe not for very long...

Fun snow dragon!

Up higher there was more snow in the trees, and it was crashing down here and there as it melted.

Plenty of snow on the ground still.  I wonder how the "post-holing" went last weekend in the race.

John and I ended the day in the sauna and sat there until we actually sweated.  It took a while.  I think our heat acclimation has completely reversed itself into cold acclimation.

On Sunday we went to the Waterbury bike trails and ran a big loop using micro-spikes.  That worked great, and everyone got a good workout.  Including Renee, who tried to keep track of everyone as we went in different directions - tired puppy!

Thank you Mom and Dad for a fun weekend vacation, and it was great to see you both!

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