Monday, October 19, 2015

TX -- AR

I've got a brief bit of downtime in the middle of what I'm choosing to call "vacation" - a 3 week tour from TX to the east coast and back, a blitz of trying to see all the interesting things we can on the way to meeting up with friends and family in DC.

Here are a few photos from the start of the trip, from the Texas border to Little Rock.

Right at the border, in fact:

Nice Texarkana stonework:

Where is John?

A business catering to folks from both states:

We stopped in Hope, AR to see Clinton's boyhood home, which was an interesting little house and quick tour.  I neglected to snap any pictures of that, but did get a shot of this railroad intersection that caught my eye - not something we see every day (feels like there should be a traffic light):

Nice foliage outside the Clinton library in Little Rock:

Dinosaurs on display - motion activated in fact (pretty funny):

The cabinet room as it would have looked while Clinton was in office (except the missing wall on the right side):

Displays among the library stacks:

An elegant dining table on the upper level:

Beautiful Chihuly glasswork:

A replica of the Oval Office:

We did a nice run around Little Rock, checking out sculptures along the river, like this one:

The actual "little rock" that used to be a landmark for people traveling upriver:

More fun artwork:

The Korean Gate:

Complete with an adorable guard lion:

Interesting bridge to run across:

The Razorback submarine:

And the bridge we took to come back across:

On the road again!

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