Monday, February 15, 2016

Redwoods - on Maui?

I found a whole 'nother set of trails to explore, and it's a nice big, diverse set.  Passing up the switchback-y road up to Haleakala, there's another similar but much narrower and thankfully quieter road, um, down the road.  Polipoli Park at the top was my "destination of the week" and I was quite glad about that.

Checking out the top of a paragliding launch site; now that (an actual launch) would be something to see here:

Upper part of the Boundary Trail, including some pig action in the dirt (but not including the two little pigs I saw further down the trail, hi pigs!):

Eucalyptus in the morning sunshine:

More of the Boundary Trail, this part at the actual park boundary:

And... the redwoods I had heard about!  Non-native, but so pretty.  Who can really argue about redwood trees.

Briefly transported back to California:

John, we need a bigger saw:

Trying to be artistic... (large flowers in front of a cabin in the woods):

The Redwoods Trail, so lovely:

And majestic:

Polipoli camping area:

A bit higher in elevation, now on the Haleakala Ridge Trail:

Standard afternoon clouds on West Maui:

The road heading up toward Skyline Trail:

Lava layers of various colors:

The Big Island across the clouds:

I headed up a ways on the Skyline Trail but must have been thinking about something else because I didn't get any photos until I came back down to the Mamane Trail.  This one's an excellent singletrack trail that was fun to run on, and I imagine fun for mountain biking too:

Some curious vegetation in odd shapes to end the day - probably fitting because most of these photos seem to be of trees!

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