Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mexico City with Mom

Mom and I met up in Texas a couple weeks ago to fly to Mexico City together.  Why?  I will explain in the next post, stay tuned.

For now, here's a bit of side entertainment from our day walking around Chapultepec park.  It was right across from our hotel and a wonderful forest oasis in the middle of the huge city.  Lots of trails, museums, things to see.

We heard some music and wandered over to find some men in colorful clothes marching around a tall pole:

It soon got interesting when they started climbing to the top:

Four men gathered at the top and perched there:

We waited while they slowly pulled up the four ropes.  They started rotating the top square so the ropes were coiled around the pole:

Once the ropes were all coiled, they each attached themselves to a rope, leaned back, and... then there was this!

We couldn't quite believe it - I shot a video to try to capture how it worked:

More info about the "Dance of the Flyers":

Slowly they circled the pole as they dropped gently lower and lower, still playing the flute and drum:

Seemingly unconcerned about being upside-down and soaring through the air:

My favorite shot:

Well, that was quite a start to our journey!

Other sights in the park included the outside of the anthropology museum (we weren't quite up for exploring the inside, I believe it is huge):

Reminded us of Central Park with all the cyclists and people walking and enjoying the outdoors:

Appropriate sculpture:

The plaza at the top of the Castillo - nice views of the city on the walk up to here:

A piece from outside the modern art museum:

Just a taste of our trip to Mexico - more coming when I get additional photos and videos sorted.  Fun first day!

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