Friday, April 1, 2016

Hike up from Polipoli to the summit

I recently hiked up from Polipoli Park to the top of Haleakala, and it was such a clear, gorgeous morning that I was glad I had the camera along.  The winds had completely shifted and moved off any trace of Big Island vog or sugar cane burning smog, and the visibility was excellent.

Just above treeline, looking over at West Maui as the first traces of the normal "West Maui clouds" start to gather:

Mamane Trail - fun singletrack, great for downhill mountain biking:

The island of Kaho'olawe offshore:

And - the Big Island!  I always enjoy getting a glimpse of Mauna Kea and Mauno Loa to the south:

Looks like a downhill cyclist dropped something - hmm, this looks pretty good, actually:

And another!  Guess I didn't need to carry along all the food I had in my pack, I could just eat breakfast from what I found on the trail:

The wide dirt road (Skyline Trail) coming up the hill, beautiful for downhill running later:

Another view as clouds start to gather on west Maui:

The Big Island, still visible as more clouds congregate:

Barren terrain up high:

Moonscape rocks:

Some gravel near the top:

This gate stymied me for a couple minutes until I finally followed the instructions to "PULL" and yanked it open - not locked, just a bit stuck shut:

Oh, the clouds are actually rolling up here, that's interesting:

Almost to the observatories at the summit, imagine the clouds moving uphill to the left:

A couple minutes later, that building was enveloped:

Trailhead at the top:

Starting back, I was briefly in the clouds, putting away all electronics to keep off the cold, wet mist:

And then, back in the sunshine!

Funny vegetation:

Obligatory selfie, in front of a cinder cone:

Beautiful day and a fun hike!

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