Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Roaming around

While collecting pictures for a couple "real" blog posts, I came across a few random items.

So, a sprinkle of this and that...

In downtown San Francisco - a statue of one of the greats:

I ran from downtown, through Golden Gate Park (the long way), out to the ocean.  I've never taken that route before, that was neat.  I had no idea that there's a long, wide beach on the west side of the park, I'm used to seeing high cliffs along the Pacific.

Someone practicing on dry land (didn't see anyone in the water, which I assume is cold):

Sing-it-yourself Messiah in a beautiful hall in downtown San Jose, fun!

Hill training with John - we're up over 1200 feet of climb at a time.  On this day we completed a "partial Mission" on Mission Peak:

Eventually we'll get all the way to the top:

Decent views that day, the wind must be blowing the haze away for once:

Enjoying the sunshine and a bit of respite from the wind:

A fun long run to Palo Alto, including finding Mr. Tesla along the way:

Destination = Draeger's Market, a store I'd heard about in a podcast about making decisions when there are lots of choices.  There certainly are a lot of interesting options to choose from in this store (but I actually bought something at Trader Joe's down the street).

An excellent bike ride across town on the Los Gatos path and up to Lexington Reservoir:

Kip lives a short distance from Levi's Stadium, and we finally got ourselves out the door during a 49ers game to mingle with the crowds a little.  And watch a bit of the game on the Jumbotron:

I hear there was a really big game here a couple years ago:

Sack him, John!

Mom discovered an online auction sponsored by the Green Mountain Club in Vermont, where people could bid on signs that used to hang on the Long Trail and other trails around the state.  Our Dad had made one of those signs many years ago, that was a pretty special item.  Kip got in on the action and managed to outbid a few other people.  So he won Dad's sign!

John took care of sealing the wood and hanging the sign in Kip's kitchen.  I got to stand here and grin about the whole thing:

Happy Holidays, y'all!

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