Sunday, March 29, 2009

Firefox Add-ons

I've been using Firefox as an internet browser for a while now. I've stumbled on several Add-ons that have made my life easier or fixed problems, namely:

New Tab Homepage
This takes you to your home page when you open a new tab. It would seem to be something Firefox should already have, but OK.

Sidebar Bookmark Selector
The default bookmark setup is a bit busy/cluttered for my taste. This add-on allowed me to hide folders/items that I don't use but can't delete.

I recently discovered this work-around to make it easier to switch gmail accounts without logging out and logging back in each time. It seems a bit glitch-y but so far I'm keeping it.

I ran into this add-on when I started having problems with certain websites freezing up my browser (Firefox and IE both). It turns out that I can eliminate the freeze-up by disabling Javascript, for some strange reason. The add-on allows me to define which websites run scripts and which ones don't, which has made general browsing faster as well.

If you know of other useful add-ons, feel free to submit a comment! I love hearing from people :)
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