Thursday, March 19, 2009

NetFlix fun

Kip introduced us to NetFlix awhile back, and it has kept us entertained. I've discovered that I really enjoy watching great TV shows that I never saw when they first aired.

For example, I watched The West Wing from start to finish. What a great show and even somewhat educational! It seemed especially apt at times, comparing the fiction to current politics.

My friend Kathy suggested the lesser-known Ballykissangel, and I'm now enthralled. Come to think of it, she probably started me thinking about watching The West Wing, so I really should pay attention to her recommendations.

John and I get huge kicks out of The Office and Monk, even though each can make us uncomfortable for the characters in different ways. They certainly make us laugh, and I love watching John laugh.

Not a NetFlix item (because Kip loaned me the boxed sets), but I'm nearing the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Also *loved* the short-lived Firefly series. Big Joss Whedon fan here! (Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, anyone?)

Biggest praise: Ability to change your address whenever you like. Our NetFlix envelopes follow us to Montana, Colorado, etc...

Biggest beef: Most seasons of The Amazing Race aren't available. Why not? I'd watch all of them! We missed the first few years when we lived in France.

What has been in your queue that you particularly liked?


Kipley Fiebig said...

FYI, you can watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog online at:

Kipley Fiebig said...

You asked "What has been in your queue that you particularly liked?"... well, here's my way-too-long answer...

House - Season one is a bit formulaic, but this series really comes into its own during seasons 2 and 3. I'm just starting season 4 now.

Scrubs - Seasons 1-5 were great, though since then it's been losing a bit of its polish.

Deadwood - You know how after you watch a bad movie you say to yourself, "I could have written that?" Well, Deadwood is the opposite... when watching it, I'm always thinking about how much I could not write anything like it. A unique series with style all it's own, with amazingly convincing characters and fascinating plot twists. And the dialog! It's like Shakespeare, only much more entertaining. (And profane.)

Lost - This series does have its quirks to endure, but journey is worth it. We'll see if I change my opinion once the final season comes out... I have faith that they can resolve the various loose ends satisfactorily (as they've been able to so far), but who knows?

The Office - Of course. The first season is a bit uncomfortable to watch, at times, but since then they've figured out how to make the situations much more funny, rather than just embarrassing.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law - Harvey Birdman, an ex-aviary superhero turned lawyer, defends indicted Hanna Barbera characters in this series. And Stephen Colbert provides the voice for his boss. What's not to love?

Flight of the Conchords - A New Zealand band tries (unsuccessfully) to make it in New York. The more you watch it, the funnier it gets. And their videos are way more entertaining than anything on MTV or VH1.

The Sopranos - A solid, compelling drama from start to finish. A more interesting take on mafia life than any movie out there.

Firefly - Joss Whedon's best work. If you've never seen it... see it!

To keep from going on and on, I'll stop now... but I've got other recommendations if you like these!

Anonymous said...

Marcy - So glad you liked them! One more to add to your list of shows to watch - Sports Night - by the writer of West Wing

Right before he did West Wing. Only lasted a few seasons but really great and you'll recognize some of the actors who went onto West Wing (Donna, Will Bailey)