Saturday, May 30, 2009

Canyon de Chelly

Next stop - Canyon de Chelly and another free night at a nice campground. Arizona sure has its share of free campgrounds with running water. The next morning we drove both rims of the canyon and checked out all the overlooks - time well spent.

Someone with a high-quality camera would have a field day with the angles and shadows from all the possible viewing points. Our little Minolta would have to suffice:

Some of the many cliff dwellings that existed low and high:

Spider Rock:

More amazing vistas:

This vehicle/moving hotel carried a German license plate and a gaggle of sightseers who presumably sleep at night in their "Rotel"? Wow!

Running down the one accessible trail to White House ruins - fun trail!

White House ruins - the room at the top is lighter in color from all the other ruins we saw:

Many people told us we had to go to Canyon de Chelly, and now I know why.
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