Sunday, May 10, 2009

Notes from the desert

We're in cactus country!

Yesterday we hiked/ran up the Tanque Verde trail in the eastern Saguaro National Park. Temps definitely improve (i.e. go down) at higher elevations. The highs are about 101 degrees this week in Tucson. But it's a dry heat - and honestly, in the shade with a breeze it's actually not that bad. As long as we keep drinking water...

Giant Gila Monster! (John says it's actually a Komodo Dragon - he's probably right)

Prepping for the rogaine next weekend:

Today we rode our bikes toward and partway up Mount Lemmon on the north side of town. We discovered:
1. A full Camelbak bladder is enough extra weight to rapidly cause problems with butts on bike seats (otherwise known as "we haven't been on our bikes enough lately").
2. Bike riding creates a nice breeze to combat heat - better than running
3. A swimming pool is an excellent afternoon destination.

We made it halfway up the mountain before John questioned our sanity - high enough for some nice views at least:

Cacti over the Tucson plains:

Flowering cactus:

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Unknown said...

John is correct!

I've discovered that a flashflo instead of a regular camelbak is the answer to all your biking back-and-butt long as the bike is less than 3 hours...