Thursday, October 15, 2009

High Trek Adventure - San Antonio

John and I, along with Jason and his stepdad Mike, raced last weekend in San Antonio. It was a High Trek Adventure race, a nice tune-up for Vegas next month.

We had a good time, running from Augie's BBQ toward downtown via the awesome fish sculpture on the Riverwalk:

Not much in Maverick Park - except this sign:

20 people in front of the Alamo! This one was easier than I expected:

John and Jason have done work for Melrose - we knew right where this store is located:

Bonus photo - us and 3 strangers wearing sombreros - cool!

Frida Kahlo in the Mercado:

Mi Tierra - a tough anagram, but Jason figured it out (nice one!):

The Vogue building - too bad we didn't also get a photo of the chalk street art going on below our feet:

We had some trouble locating the Medusa Lounge...

On the way back up Broadway we stopped briefly at The Painted Lady Inn for our final photo:

From there we jumped on a bus toward the finish. A couple stops later Jason and Mike also jumped on the same bus - fancy meeting y'all here! Instead of trying to out-run each other back to Augie's, we opted for a tie finish. An excellent conclusion for a race where we helped each other out and managed to end up on the same bus home.

Us with Jason, the race director:

The Japanese Garden waterfalls - very pretty (the waterfalls, I mean):

It was fun to be racing again! Now we have 3 nationals events in 4 weeks starting next weekend. Should be fun (and busy)!
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