Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A pain in the knee

We went to College Station last weekend for John's rugby reunion. It was fun meeting his friends from way back, and John played a bit of rugby. He would have played more, except his knee got bumped during a tackle and now he's walking all gimpy-like. He had it diagnosed as a sprained knee, hopefully nothing more serious than that.

This weekend's USARA Nationals is out for John, bummer. Kip has graciously stepped in to replace him at the last minute. I haven't raced with Kip in almost a year, so I'm looking forward to that at least!

John is putting a tiny bit of weight on that leg today. We're hoping for lots of healing in the next 2 weeks so he'll be ready to go when we get to New Orleans. Positive thoughts!

Good luck to all adventure racing teams coming to Pilot Point this weekend!
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