Saturday, September 4, 2010

Driving to the North Rim

After Natural Bridges in the morning, we had a long but very scenic afternoon drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I actually didn't get a photo of the Moki Dugway, a steep switchback descent down to Mexican Hat, because it surprised me stock-still in my seat. John did a great job of negotiating Tug and Howie down the side of the cliff. Something you have to experience to believe, I think!

On flatter ground, approaching Monument Valley (always awesome):

Harvey got a front row seat:

The sun was starting to set on these cliffs south of Page:

There is a "John story" behind the bridge in the next photo, and I suppose he won't mind my telling it :) He was an assistant with the Texas A&M outdoor club in college, and he was on a camping trip in the Grand Canyon. The group descended the South Rim, and John came back up the next day to move their van around the many-mile drive to the North Rim.

There was a long line of cars backed up due to construction at this bridge, and "John being John", he fell asleep while waiting for traffic to start moving again. Some time later, no telling how much later, he awoke to see the flagger WAY ahead, waving furiously to let him know he could start driving again. There was not a single vehicle in the long open space ahead of him. And no one behind him could see over the van to notice that they were sitting there for no reason. I think John must have been a bit sheepish when he passed the flagger. That story always makes me giggle!

The Vermillion Cliffs were really pretty in the setting sunlight:

The last of the evening sun, me, Tug, Howie, and John at the Vermillion Cliffs :)

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