Friday, September 3, 2010

Natural Bridges NM

We stopped by Natural Bridges National Monument for a day of biking and hiking. It's a pretty place with viewpoints of 3 large bridges and trails down to (and between) them. We biked over to Sipapu Bridge and then ran a loop between it and Kachina Bridge. Here is Sipapu from the road - the green circle in the middle of the photo:

I ran across the plateau first, while John ran down into the canyon in an opposite loop. A cairn along the upper trail:

Rock head:

Kachina Bridge from up high:

The trail heading down to the bridge:

The bridge from underneath:

Hi John!

Interesting tree (probably juniper?):

Odd balanced rock:

Sipapu Bridge from underneath:

An interesting angle on the rock in the background - almost looks like it's in front of the bridge:

"Warning - Unfenced Viewpoint":

Turkey vulture:

Looking down into White Canyon:

John waiting for me at the top:

The third bridge, called Owachomo (not so easy to see):

Instead of walking down there, here is a better angle:

The solar installation at the park - we are seeing lots of solar panels at most of the national parks and monuments this summer. Utah is a great place for it!

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