Monday, November 11, 2013

Biking in NYC

We cleared everything out of our Albany condo last week to return to a life of being somewhat "on the road".  John magically made all of the stuff we are keeping fit into our truck.  Tug (our truck) is pretty awesome.  It has not yet snowed in Albany but it could happen at any time.  We're starting our journeys with a stay at Kathy and Bob's in Maryland, yay!  It is so great to be with them again.  And hopefully that's far enough south to avoid winter for the moment.

On the way down to Maryland we stopped in New Jersey for a visit with Naveen and his family.  Then we drove over to Fort Lee for a quick trip into NYC.  This time we had our bikes with us!

Many trees still had colorful leaves so we got another lovely view of fall in the northeast:

Best (only?) way to bike from NJ to NYC as far as I know - across the George Washington bridge:

It seems like a popular route for runners and cyclists.  I was excited to finally get to try it.

View south of the Hudson, with the city skyline in the distance:

It was remarkably warm with the sunshine (and plenty of clothes on):

We cruised down along the Hudson bike path and then across Central Park.  There are so many great places to bike around NYC.  It took only a couple actual city streets to get to our ultimate destination - our favorite bagel place in the world.

We will miss you, Ess-a-Bagel!

The unforgettable check-out man, Richard, posing for the camera:

We took our bag-o-bagels and rode back to Central Park to pick up some coffee and do some people watching.  Or T-Rex watching, as the case may be?

A lovely morning in the park:

We rode back north and found an overlook:

Biking back along the river toward the bridge:

Back on the NJ side, more pretty colors:

We had time to run a short loop around the Palisades Park.  It would be great to do more running there someday.

Then on to Maryland - looking forward to a couple fun weeks with Kathy and Bob!

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