Monday, November 18, 2013

Fun with Kathy and Bob - part 1

We have been having a super time with Kathy and Bob.  They took a couple days off work to spend a long weekend with us, and we packed in some amazing activities.

We started with a day of learning about Freemasonry, with a nice tour of the Scottish Rite temple:

The inside of the temple was beautiful, and there were many interesting books and donated items from famous people such as George Washington and John Glenn.  A look at the inside of the temple:

We took an excellent mid-day break in Alexandria for pizza-eating and gallery-looking, including a neat exhibit on Dr Seuss and his many hats.

A look-out dog on the steps of a gallery:

Then up the hill to the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, for a photo with Mr Washington himself:

In the history hall - nice hat!

Another nice hat:

And yet another...

The highlight was the view from the top, with lovely scenery in all directions and a beautiful day:

On our way home Bob graciously detoured to the DC high point so we could find the actual marker this time.  Another successful high point!

More DC high point photos here:

The next day we had a really interesting visit at the Cryptologic Museum - so much to see and read about.  Kathy's Dad worked in cryptology in the Marines, so that made it more personal.

Exhibits on early computers, code breaking, spy satellites, the role of cryptology in various wars, it was a lot of information to pack into a small area.

One of the code machines on display:

Then on to Ellicott City to check out the cute shops and back to town for dinner with some friends.  A lovely day, to be sure.

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