Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Coyote Hills trail race

John and I did some volunteering at a trail race last weekend - Brazen Racing's Coyote Hills.  Great weather, fun crew, super organization, and all-around good experience.

Half marathoners getting ready to start:

And they're off - Kip is in the crowd here somewhere:

We helped unbag some of the 1400 finishers medals - that was quite a task.  Neat medals though:

John captured an overhead view of the 10K start:

The next three pictures are courtesy of Jason Lehrbaum who was snapping shots of runners on the course.  Thanks Jason!

Kip's first lap, looking fast:

Kip's second lap, still smiling!

John on volunteer duty at the last turn before the finish line:

Runners nearing the end of the race:

Almost caught Kip as he was dashing toward the finish:

Go Kip...

Best costume:

Fun day at Coyote Hills!

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