Thursday, February 26, 2015

Angel Island and the Golden Gate Bridge

We weren't quite ready to head home on Monday - more to see along the way!  It was just a slight detour to the cute town of Tiburon where we caught a ferry over to Angel Island.  There's a fabulous trail that winds around and climbs to the top.  We were ready for a nice hike:

Looking back over at Tiburon:

Taking in the views, with San Francisco in the distance:

Admiring the straight streets of San Francisco that were apparently built without considering the steep hills in the way:

Beautiful little hummingbird:

Surprisingly well-executed "timer" shot (no cropping needed, even):

Looking over toward our next destination:

Only Kip had been on the bridge on foot, so the rest of us were interested in following his footsteps, as it were.  The fog was rolling in from the Pacific, but it was still sunny on the Bay side, quite an interesting phenomenon:

Kip demonstrating where he slept during his "Around the Bay" loop run last winter (waiting until they would let him run across, as apparently you can't walk across the bridge overnight, although you can bike across, and they would have given him a ride in the cart, but he declined):

A bit of a wind tunnel effect right next to the hills:

Mists over the tower:

Hard to see, but there was a shadow effect in the fog, creating a line all the way to the top of the photo:

It was so great having you visit us, Mom!  We had a wonderful time  :)

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