Thursday, February 26, 2015

Running and SF

Kip and I did a fun run last weekend, south to Cupertino to see some park trails and pedestrian overpasses and a House of Bagels I hadn't been to yet.

We had one accidental minor detour, happily it led us here:

California quail and a California Kip:

Kip's quest to walk over this beautiful bridge was finally complete:

It's a nice one!

The next day we took John to San Francisco for a set of belated birthday treats, including weekend raclette at the Ferry Building Marketplace, IRN BRU from the Scottish store, and a chance encounter with HIS street.  Another vote in favor of "leaning against it" as the correct pose when finding your name on a sign pole:

Don't end, John!

An excellent "feet":

We stopped in at the cable car museum just to see what was there - loved it!  Free entry to see the giant wheels spinning the cables, the actual cables that were at that moment moving cable cars around the streets.  Really neat to view in person, plus lots of great info and history about the SF cable cars.  Highly recommend it as a quick stop for anyone visiting the city:

The highlight of our afternoon was a Beach Blanket Babylon show - too hilarious!  Musical, talented, hysterically funny, amazing costumes.  Thank you to Kelly for suggesting it, an A+ recommendation.  Plus a quick stop at Rogue Ales around the corner for a drink (thank you Ryan!):

We're greatly enjoying our winter in California  :)

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