Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kayla's visit to San Francisco - part 1

Our niece Kayla and John's parents came to visit!  It was Kayla's graduation trip, and we were excited to be a part of it.  It was a chock-full few days of San Francisco sights.

Starting with a drive up to the viewpoint on Twin Peaks:

Great overview of the city (also looks amazing at night):

Checking out the swing in Billy Goat Hill park:

Timing was good for seeing the Chinese New Year parade, which was quite a thing to watch although a challenge with all the crowds:

We got slightly glitter-bombed...

One of the excellent dragon puppets:

Brief detour for me on Sunday - John took the gang to see Fisherman's Wharf, sea lions, cable car rides, Musee Mechanique, and Ghirardelli, while I did a long run from Mountain View to the southernmost BART station at Millbrae.  Here are my photos...

The Oracle yacht in the lake on the Oracle campus - how cool!  I would have loved to see the races when they were in San Francisco Bay.

Beach on the Bay:

San Mateo bridge, viewed while running on the Belmont Slough trail around Foster City (very pretty area):

One of many marshes:

I took the subway into town and met up with everyone for sushi supper.  Good stuff.

Monday morning we started with breakfast at Home Plate (most delicious), then walked out to find the Wave Organ sculpture:

Turns out it works a lot better at high tide, then you can hear sounds in the tubes.  Ah well, next time.

A glimpse of Alcatraz Island, with Angel Island off to the left:

A beach and a bridge:

Nice morning view of the city:

Getting closer to the bridge...

"GGB" and lovely flowers:

On the bridge!  Hi Jerry!

We've now walked on the northern and southern ends.  Someday we'll make it all the way across on foot...

Clarion Alley in the Mission District, amazing murals:

The bears on the right were a checkpoint in a Terraloco race we did a couple months ago:

Next up - heading to prison...

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