Monday, August 17, 2015

Scenes from southern Idaho - part 2 of 2

More scenes from driving around southern Idaho, this time near Hagerman.  Actually, I don't even have pictures of the best part - a hot springs/RV park combination, now that was awesome.  Walk to the pool, relax in the hot water, walk back and slide into bed.  Totally loved it.

OK, on to the daytime stuff.  We saw lots of agricultural-related things, like hundreds of miles of irrigation canals and giant sprinklers watering the crops - and sometimes watering the road (we had to watch for when to roll the windows up!).  And crop dusters, amazing acrobatic planes.  Just a quick catch with the camera:

An interesting "castle" as part of a utility plant.  This place appeared to be harnessing the water falling out the sides of the cliffs in the "Thousand Springs" area.  It's a neat place to drive around and see waterfalls.  This is at the entrance to Ritter Island:

See, a waterfall!  Here we're starting a run on the Ritter Island trails:

If you look really hard (well, I'm not sure the reduced blog resolution will be sufficient), you might spot John working on his "summit pose":

A short while later I made it up to the same high point for an excellent view of the Snake River:

And looking north toward the island:

Fabulous Falls.  That's not really the name, but since I can't recall it at the moment...

It's neat to sit and try to figure out where all this water is coming from:

The lovely calm Snake:

An exhibit at the Hagerman Fossil Beds visitor center, including the skeleton of a little horse.  They found a bunch of these in this area and theorize that they had stripes like a zebra, although I'm not sure they really know that:

And the river over near the Fossil Beds, with the high banks in the background where oodles of fossils have been discovered:

We also did a run along the pioneer trail there, but it was threatening rain so I didn't bring the camera.  If I had, you'd be treated to a picture of oodles of tumbleweeds blown into a ditch and blocking the trail.  That was pretty cool!  Especially since John did most of the clearing of the way through.  Not your normal trail dog work.

Fun couple of days in this area!

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