Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Missouri and Arkansas, a quick tour

One last post to catch up to "real time" - soon my virtual self will rejoin my real self in Texas, then we're ready for more fun  :)

I absolutely could not resist detouring us to two more highpoints on the way back.  It has been a whirlwind tour, a total of 8 highpoints and one new state of racing in 3 weeks.  After working quite hard just to reach highpoint #30 (out of 50, of course), we breezed through #31 to 39.  I guarantee the 40's will take quite a bit longer.

Anyhoo, here we are at the start of a two-highpoint day, yay!  Also, we got to sleep overnight at a highpoint (the Taum Sauk campground at the top of Missouri) which is a first for us.

An early morning stroll, admiring more pretty foliage - we sure have gotten our share of that this trip, so lucky.

John might not be quite awake yet... hope the tree doesn't fall over like the ones in the background:

A rather poor attempt at downward dog, I think my muscles aren't awake yet either:

Good morning sunshine!  It's a beautiful day:

Hooray for highpoint #38!

Top of Missouri:

Register cards, a new way to show you were there:

Another page in our highpoint quest:

It was an excellent morning for a run/walk around the 3-mile loop to Mina Sauk Falls, more amazing scenery:

The falls were pretty much not flowing, maybe springtime would be better for that:

Oh wait, a little trickle...

Spending a few minutes on the Ozark Trail, another long-distance trail to briefly touch and ponder exploring more later:

Down to the "main road" and out the bottom of Missouri, time for a few miles in Arkansas.  Walnut Ridge was a fun stop.  The Beatles flew in here once without most anyone knowing they were coming (they were trying to keep it a secret so they could take a little vacation), and the town is all Beatles-crazy to this day, which is very cool:

Yellow submarine on Abbey Road:

The "imagine" store, which hopefully does open up sometime:

Wonderful silhouettes and some history:

Over by the Amtrak station there's a large guitar outline and a bunch of signboards describing all the famous artists who grew up and/or performed in this area of Arkansas along route 67 (if you push the buttons you can even hear them sing, although I think the whole town can listen in anytime someone does that):

The Man in Black, he walks the line:

One last bit of fun - the top of Arkansas in the Ouachita Mountains.  We drove up into another cloud for this one, happily it wasn't raining at least.  There's a nice path leading up to the top and an excellent set of displays:

Welcome to Signal Hill!  Also, "Sealevel Sucks," at least that's what it says:

We didn't notice at first, but there's a stone outline on the ground in the shape of the state of Arkansas, which is really neat.  It even has a small bump where the highpoint is located, right about where I'm reverse warrior-ing:

John's excellent attempt at planking on the highpoint bump:

John channeling Dr. Evil while simultaneously pointing out his lip boo boo (don't worry, it's much better already):

And... that's #39!

The map might hold here for a while, but we did some serious coloring-in this year so I'm quite pleased.  The exploration and adventure as always has been a blast!

One last image to leave you with (for now).  The bears are apparently much smaller here than out west:

Thank you to my travel buddy John, you make every trip delightful!

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