Monday, November 30, 2015

Travels and wanderings

Some randomness from recent ramblings...

More "fun times!" pictures from New Orleans, including several group get-togethers and light carousing:

Next, an elusive David sculpture on Royal Street, something we couldn't find in 2013!  Side note - check out John's hair in this link:

We wonder if the antiques shops were like "we should get a David statue, it seems there is a sudden interest in these" after we went door-to-door asking after one during the Super Dare.

Anyway, here's David:

I made it to the wax museum to check it out, happy to get there before it closes in a couple months.  It's unique, not quite Madame Tussauds, more odd-looking and also focused on local history.

An image that will not leave me: Napoleon in his bathtub talking with his brothers about how he approved the Louisiana Purchase without approval of the French Assembly (he wasn't Emperor yet).  Quite a scene, and now immortalized in wax!

Pirate Jean Lafitte and Andrew Jackson planning for the Battle of New Orleans at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, along with Governor Claiborne and Dominique You.  The actual history probably doesn't match this scene, but it's fun to think about:

On to a more recent figure, hanging out with Channing Tatum at his restaurant called Saints and Sinners:

Group shot before the start of the Challenge Nation race:

Break between races for some food and chatting:

I included this photo in the previous post, but I like it a lot, so here it is again:

Post-race celebration at Saints and Sinners:

Everyone likes to hang with Channing:

We played around in an escape room on Sunday, lots of fun!  We really liked the format at Clue Carre.  We also got close to escaping, probably within a minute or two.  With our current trend, maybe next time will be the ticket.  Lots of fun, y'all!

Paying homage to Allen Toussaint who recently passed away:

From there, John and I drove back to TX and then started a road trip out to California.  With a requisite stop to check in on Buc-ee, our favorite beaver:

We chose the route in order to visit the Very Large Array (VLA) out in the middle of nowhere.  Very large, and very cool!  Enjoyed checking it out and listening to the film narrated by Jodie Foster.

Each antenna sits on a track and can be moved to change the overall size of the array.  Currently they are all close together, but they can be moved up to 13 miles away.  Moving day would be something to see.

Nice sculpture in the visitor center yard:

Fun bug/camper conversion we spotted in New Mexico:

And to finish off an "odd and different" blog post, I give you this:

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