Monday, October 3, 2016

Airshow and Noosa Head

During the short drive from Tin Can Bay toward Noosa, we noticed there was an airshow happening and John suggested that we check it out.  I got to feed a dolphin today, everything else will just be gravy  :)  So definitely, let's see the airplanes.

There were lots of small models on display, and perhaps John was imagining what it would take to fly one:

Some really neat aircraft (and no, I know nothing about planes, so I can't explain what we were looking at, but it was fun to consider what it would be like to go up in the sky in one):


Ah, right, the wing holder for a glider:

There were a few other types of transportation on display, including some older models of motorcycles:

Fun model, and we saw it later getting ready to fly:

Adorable little Mini:

A formation of planes (including 2 biplanes) buzzing the runway:

Long-EZ, one of the original planes to test flying on high fuel efficiency:

For some reason I seem to think this is more my speed, even though I have very little experience flying in one:

Love the Ultralight concept:

We spent the rest of the day roaming around the trails at Noosa Head, starting from the Sunshine Beach side:

Heading along the dunes toward the Noosa hills:

I like how the lighting came out here:

Not sure what this dirt ball is doing on this tree, maybe related to termites?

Another shot from the same angle, this one with more interesting lighting and colors:

Big waves along the rocks in Alexandria Bay:

Trying to capture the sight and sound of the waves - not sure you can see, but there are a couple folks surfing in the background:

An eggplant on the beach??

Sea birds on the rocks, I think they are cormorants:

Rocky shoreline as I made my way around the "head" of Noosa Head:

It really was a good day to have a camera for the scenery shots:

Specks of surfers waiting on the waves:

Another fun day in Australia!

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