Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boom Days!

The highlight of Leadville Boom Days (for me anyway) was watching the start/finish of the burro races. It's a rather intriguing thought, running with a burro for 12 miles (21 miles in the case of the men). But I think you really need to have a burro that you know and train with. They are a huge factor in how fast you move, especially at the end of the race, and whether you finish the race at all. Apparently more than one team gets picked up along the trail when the burro decides they have had enough and refuses to take one more step.

Hanging out before the start:

A fuzzy pair:

Hauling a** up 7th Street:

In many cases the asses were hauling the runners at the beginning:

The woman who would eventually finish second:

Some had problems right out of the gate. Go donkey go!

We saw a bit of the miner competitions - driving holes into rocks with stakes:

Back to the burro races - here is the women's winning team:

Running up Harrison Avenue to the finish - go team!

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