Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leadville race news

First a sad note... a helicopter crashed on Mount Massive yesterday and four soldiers were killed. There is an ongoing investigation in the area that includes a portion of the race course (Halfmoon Road), so apparently a portion of the race is going to be rerouted - perhaps on a route similar to the Leadville 100 bike race last weekend in the area north of Twin Lakes.

A short news story:

We'll find out more tomorrow at the pre-race briefing.

We went to the pre-race dinner tonight and ran into several people we had met at Hardrock (Jim, Sue, Liz, Beth and Larry, Allan, Jean-Jacques, John) plus Hans and Susie from Germany - it was great to see everyone again. We didn't know anyone at the bike race dinner last week, so this was a lot more fun. John also remarked on the difference in general attire - more "T-shirt" and less "bike jersey."

Our team has posed an interesting challenge to us - who will get to the finish line first this weekend, Team Vignette at No Sweat, or us at the Leadville 100?? We get a 4-hour head start but our official finish time cutoff is 2 hours later (30 hour cutoff vs. 24-hour adventure race). Make a guess, post a comment! Your options:

1) Team Vignette will finish before Marcy AND John
2) Team Vignette will finish before Marcy but after John
3) Both Marcy and John will finish before Team Vignette

There are other possibilities, but we're not going to think about those :)
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