Tuesday, August 4, 2009


On our way out of Denver, we stopped by Camping World. We have never been in a Camping World store before, but you can bet we'll be back every chance we get (as long as we have money to spend). It has a bunch of really interesting RV-related items and we wandered the aisles way too long studying everything. So long that we got to Leadville rather late, but at least the sun hadn't disappeared yet.

We came away with a griddle/grill for our stove top (among other things). This is not a revolutionary idea, to be sure, but it seems like a nice middle ground in between cooking inside and grilling outside.

Then we stopped by Safeway on Saturday and I happened to look at the box for Jiffy corn muffin mix. We love corn muffins, but our convection oven isn't exactly the best place to make them, or maybe we just haven't figured out the right settings yet. I discovered that you can make corn muffin pancakes instead - and now we have a griddle to do just that! Along with some grilled corn-on-the-cob, it was a happy, corny dinner!

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