Sunday, May 29, 2011

10K in the Catskills

Yesterday was a 10K day - not a race - and measured in feet instead of meters. But it was all uphill (and another 10K down), so that might count for something. I did hill repeats on Hunter Mountain in the Catskills, got my feet wet (on purpose) in the creek at the bottom for foot conditioning, and had an overall super day.

Interesting towers at the trailhead:

Nice spot near the top:

Love the trails through the pine forests:

Now that's a fire tower:

And it's not even blocked off at the bottom, therefore I must climb it:

It is blocked off right at the top, but not before affording the best views of the Catskills that I have found so far.

Too bad it was a hazy sort of day:

Yay for fire towers! OK, enough messing around, get back at it...

I guess this is so you can remount your horse?

The training day went great and my legs seem recovered from Massanutten. I'm just about finished my 3rd virtual tour of the Hardrock course (as measured by elevation gain). I've got a post-shower pumice stone foot scrub routine going to thin down some callouses. And I've started planning some 14er climbing in CO at the end of June. Hopefully the altitude acclimation goes well, as that's the one thing I can't start on yet. We'll see!

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