Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Videos that make me laugh

Here's a random post for you... a collection of videos that has caused giggles in the household this year.

I like to channel this guy at work - honey badger don't care!

Courtesy of my friend Dave - I was humming it while walking around the RPI campus a couple weeks ago:

My friend Steve just posted this on Facebook - a Trekkie fan classic:

For all you Dancing with the Stars fans out there, they recently showed this video during "guilty pleasures" week and it is too much fun to leave out from this list:
(article with video embedded at the end)

Sesame Street censored:

And finally, my all-time favorite to date, the Muppet Rhapsody!

This is really just a way for me to put the links all in one place. Hope you get a kick out of one or two of these too!

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