Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fests of Winter and Chowder

Kathy and Bob came to visit last weekend, yay!  John couldn't resist their company and made the trip up from Texas.  Either that or the Big Red Freakout has special meaning in his life, but I suspect it was the people he flew up to see.

Looking for interesting things to do in the area, the "Outhouse Races" at Lake George jumped off the page at us.  How could we not go see what that was about?

Here's what it was about:

Outhouses on skis, someone sitting inside, and people pulling as hard as they could while trying to steer within the cones...

The Sweaty Yetis put on a show:

Happy to be here together!

More contraptions.  The one on the right even has a flame coming out a spout on the top, although that's pretty much impossible to see here:

Love the "gals" in lederhosen!

Lining up for another heat:

We heard Animal Planet might have been filming this rather unusual event:

Good use for a Homer Bucket:

And what does John think about all this?

Must have a Safety Officer on site:

One of the last rounds - it was so exciting I can't remember who won  :)

Lake George:

Clowning around on the mini golf course:

Now for the serious stuff:

It was good to be warm again!

Down the Northway to Saratoga Springs and the Chowderfest!  Once we got over the sight of the huge lines in front of some of the restaurants, got parked, and headed over to the Visitor Center to get a map, we decided to try a cup or two of soup ($1 samples at many places around town).

A sled dog ice sculpture - precious!

My one failing was getting so ga ga over the gruel that I forgot to take a single photo once we got started on the slurping.  Vegetable soup, clam chowder, chicken chowder, the options were varied and all very good (and we would have tried a dessert chowder just to learn what it was, but the line at Ben & Jerry's was the longest of all).  This one's a keeper for next year!

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