Thursday, February 9, 2012

Here's to Old RPI

Next stop = Troy!  Woo hoo ...

Or at least - yay for beer at Holmes and Watson!

Time for the big event - the Big Red Freakout at the RPI Fieldhouse.  So cool to be back there with Kathy again!

We were down by only 1 at this point.  It was still early:

Let's Go Red!  And we scored!

Hi Puck Man!

Our favorite guys:

It was still fun even when we were down 2 to 8.  Yep, not the best year for Engineer Hockey.  At least we scored one more at the end, that was a fun way to finish the evening.

Sunday we took a walking tour around campus in the sunshine.  Our classic Nason Hall shot:

I'm going to embarrass both of us, but I can't help it:

Pete was my stand-in in 2004 - thanks Pete!

Here's a new take on the old shot:

Fun signs on campus - I like the "microadjusting, wonder screwing, schlepping, critiquing, explosive making, and frustration venting"

Hello, Mr Jonsson!

Computing center/church (somehow fitting):

Checking out the EMPAC building:

Posing with the library:

Hmm, yeah, there's a reason we mostly stayed on campus those 4 years:

A trip down the West Hall of Memory Lane:

And of course - The Approach!

Thanks for a wonderful weekend, y'all!

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