Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Carbondale/Aspen days

Some photos from another part of Colorado - this time around Carbondale for a couple nice hikes.

First an exploratory hike up to Thomas Lakes, with a look at Mount Sopris looming over:

Mountain Man John Beard:

Beautiful lakes, although guarded by aggressive mosquitoes... I couldn't get up the hill above them fast enough, and even then they stalked me until we ran down later.

A look at the rock field above the lakes:

View back toward Carbondale's valley:

And a look at Mt Sopris:

I wasn't quite ready for the loose talus today, a good reminder that it has been awhile since we have been in the mountains.  It was a good workout and a good scouting mission for another day.

I can't get enough of that hat...

4th of July in Aspen!  Sure do love spending this holiday in different Colorado towns.

John giving the bear a look at an article about polar bears in Minneapolis, although the bear seems more interested in the mattress special:


A centipede that swallows up little children in its path:

Lots of bikes and very enthusiastic people:

Steam-powered keyboard, I think?

Checking out the current exhibit at the museum - it's interactive, and a pretty cool experience but hard to explain:

Awesome buffalo:

Awesome bathrooms - river rock walls and solar panels doubling as skylights:

We finished our day in Aspen with a straight-up hike ascending the ski area to the top of gondola.  Phew, that was a doozy!

The next day we went back so I could try again to climb Mt. Sopris.  Much better state of mind, and with positive results.  And more great views:

Heading across the saddle toward the last pitch:

Amazing scenery with bands of red rock:

The summit, getting closer:

This snow may not last many days longer:

A look at the "rock glacier" - apparently a glacier covered with rocks?  Never seen one of those before (that we know of):

I was content with the east summit, while John was feeling peppy enough to descend to the next saddle and climb up to the west peak of Mt Sopris - nice work John!

Marmot!  We also saw gray pikas but didn't get any photos of those adorable rodents.

I came prepared with bug spray this time, so I was able to pause for a photo of the pretty lakes up close:

Loving the dry summer and beautiful mornings!

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