Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hardrock weekend - notes from Ouray

John and I were excited to get the chance to see Hardrock this year, starting with an afternoon/evening in Ouray.  The aid station was decked out in a Christmas theme!

We made it to town in time to watch the frontrunners, starting with Kilian Jornet.  It was neat watching him run, so light on his feet.

Julian Chorier was not far behind:

Then Dakota Jones:

And Sebastien Chaigneau:

Joe Grant also leaving the aid station with cameras everywhere:

Timothy Olson, who looked like he was slowing down - but he stuck it out and finished, nicely done!

Checking out the lights on the bridge into the aid station:

We hiked up the course a ways, catching Diana Finkel running down the hill:

Go Darcy (eventual women's winner)!

First time I would see this part of the course in the daylight, so that was fun:

I was awed by the gorge below us:

Pretty town of Ouray:

Aid station menu so you can spend the next mile deciding what you want to eat  :)

Hey Ted, looking great!

Jared, always so gracious and accommodating, doing an interview with the guy in the truck driving down next to him (yes dude, he's one of our heroes too):

One of several deer we spotted that weekend:

Ted and Christy starting up the long climb toward Engineer Pass:

Jared hiking out of town (no sunglasses needed this time):

We were excited to see Joe Prusaitis and John Sharp from Texas - John was looking good, running well, and ready for a beer apparently:

Entertainment from John and his crew:

John and John...

We really enjoyed seeing runners come through over the hours, especially a few folks that we know.

Our friend Ryan made it in with tired legs and shooting pain in his hip.  Brad, the aid station caption, convinced him to try a massage, and it worked!  Instead of dropping out like he was planning, Ryan got up and headed up the trail with John pacing him up the next long climb.  Yay, go Ryan!!

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