Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mount Antero - finally!

Third time's a charm!  John had previously been partway up Mount Antero twice, including with me in 2011 when we were turned around near the top by a rapidly-approaching hail storm.  This time we (I) managed to get up early to take advantage of the typically gorgeous Colorado mornings.  To be clear, John likes to get up early.  I'm always the bottleneck in the "get out of bed" department.

Starting up the 4WD road through pretty woods:

Food of the day - TJ's poptarts!

This must be named "Boot Trail":

The drainage we climbed to cut off some of the road switchbacks and get a little "straight up the mountain" training:

The view above us as we climbed (aka a short breather to take a photo):

We gained the road and jogged around to the final couple switchbacks before the end of the road and the start of the trail.  Looking toward the peak, admiring the blue sky.  No excuses today!

Some rock scrambling, some greeting of the large number of folks descending from the peak, a solid final haul, and then we were there!  Yay!

A view back from where we came, along with Monarch Pass and Tabeguache in the background:

It was the best "top of the mountain" weather we have experienced lately, so we hung out for a while.

"A" for Antero!

Looking back at the peak, on our way down.  There are lots of rocks.

John explored the ridge on the way down:


A little "rock climbing"...

The return of "Yoga on the Rocks":

And some Ingenious John:

Then on to Amica's for some celebration pizza!

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