Sunday, November 2, 2014

RPI Reunion

25-year college reunion - how did that happen?  Some members of the class of '89 gathered at Rensselaer last month to see what was new, what hadn't changed, what was happening at the 'Tute.  In my 3 years working in Albany I managed to land right between the major class reunions, so it was nice that we were able to come back for big ole number 25.

And what a fun weekend!

Campus grounds, looking pretty as always.  Even got some fall foliage going:

"Back to Class" on Friday - we sat in on a class about art and coding, saw some interesting examples of modern art projects and museum installations, and even got to create (well, copy) a bit of code:


Live - From Space! We were very excited to attend a program at EMPAC where we would see an RPI grad who is at this moment living on board the ISS:

Hi Reid!!  He was funny and interesting and graciously answered a bunch of questions.  Very cool.

Thank you Reid!  That was awesome.

Cookies, yum...

Clowning around with Bob, Kathy, and Pete:

John and I ran in the 5K event around campus on Saturday morning.  An excellent way to get a quick tour.

Uncle Sam in Troy:

Fan Fest and free food:

Class photo in the new gym:

We caught the end of a rugby game and John tried to help us figure out what was going on.  "Never kick a hooker in the scrum" is apparently some good rugby advice.

We visited the ChemE building where we found a bunch of equations on an overhead projector.  Nothing much has changed here, except now Bob is teaching it:

Don's son Kyle getting a head start on advanced mathematics:

Outside the building - Don, Kathy, and Pete, remembering classes they had here:

The track is still there at the old gym - Kyle challenged us to several races and mostly beat us except when we "cheated"  :)

Good old Nason Hall:

May we meet here again in a few years!

The lights of Troy reflecting off of EMPAC:

Saturday night we attended a performance by the hilarious a cappella group called Voice Play.  Highly recommend seeing them if you ever get a chance!

A favorite running destination while living in Albany:

Marvelous and special weekend!  Thank you to our classmates and family who shared it with us!

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